Three tips an HVAC Pro gave me about Heat Pumps

frozen_ac_unitI recently learned 3 great tips if you use a heat pump for heating your apartment or home.  I can’t claim to know how much money this will save you, but I can claim that these tips will help your system run more efficiently, likely leading to savings. No need to sugar coat this, here are the tips.

  1. Change your filter routinely – Over time your furnace filter accumulates dust and other small particles which restricts the flow of air.  A clogged filter can cause your furnace to work twice as hard to heat your home.  Twice as hard means twice the bill.
  2. Don’t turn temperature way down when you leave your house – If you are going to leave your home for a few hours, you can turn your heat down a bit, but only by 2 degrees.  I don’t want to get technical here, but if you want to increase the temperature of your home by more than 2 degrees at a time, the heat pump will use it’s “Auxiliary” heat which is 2-5 times less efficient than using the heat pump alone.
  3. Check the Freon – this is not a DIY task.  You will need to hire a professional to do this.  I thought Freon was only used in the summer months to help cool your home, but in fact it is also used “in reverse” in the winter months to help heat your home.

Bonus Tip – If you are someone concerned about your electric bill, you might consider keeping the temperature in your home around 68 degrees or even a little during the coldest winter months.

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