Simple Tips for Getting Rid of Bugs in your Home

ant killerSo you have bugs in your house? First step, panic and immediately call your landlord!!! Not really, though that is often the case for renters with little experience dealing with bugs. You’re here so I know you haven’t panicked, right? If you have common bugs like ants, spiders, gnats, flies, roly poly’s, silverfish,  ladybugs, etc then you can address and resolve this issue yourself.

* if you suspect you have bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches or tarantulas you probably should contact your landlord right away.

This is the 2nd part of a 2 part series on bugs. In the first article, titled “6 Tips to Prevent Bugs from coming Indoors” we discussed simple measures you can take to reduce the chances of bugs hanging out inside your home. If a few bugs happen to make it in, don’t sweat.  Below are a few tips for getting rid of ants, spiders & other common insects.

For Ants and other Common Insects

  1. Clean up – Vacuum & sweep your floors. Remove your trash & any leftover food sitting out. Check for crumbs on surfaces & remove them. Seal all unsealed food.
  2. Leave ant traps in areas where the ants are traveling (we recommend Terro liquid ant bait). The ants will get the bait on their bodies, go back to their nest & infect their colony. Ant traps work very well & you should notice a considerable reduction in ants within 1 week.
  3. Routinely use ant killer spray around doors, windows & areas where you have noticed ants/insects in the past. (we recommend Terro brand ant killer spray). Many ant sprays have a residual effect and can be effective for several weeks or months.  The Terro brand notes that it is also effective against cockroaches, silverfish, crickets, scorpions, spiders, centipedes and multicolored Asian lady beetles

For Spiders

  1. Spiders feed on other bugs, so keeping your home clean & keeping other bugs out, will greatly reduce the number of spiders in your home.
  2. Use the vacuum hose  attachment to your vacuum cleaner to vacuum them up.  Or grab a paper towel / tissue and grab the spider quickly.  Vacuum approach is a little less scary!
  3. Spray the spider(s) with spider killer spray (we recommend Terro spider killer spray).  Most ant killer sprays note that they have a lasting residual effect, but we’ve found that spiders seem to come around no matter what you do.

Keep in mind that no matter how new or old your home is, bugs will find a way in.  We are on their turf and seeing bugs does not necessarily indicate a problem with your home.  Next time you see bugs in your apartment, instead of freaking out, you now know it’s not a big deal and you will be able to handle it.

Any other bug tips?  Please comment below.  Thank you and have a great, bug free day!

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