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First, when you’re looking for it, what do you call it?  Do you Google “Short term rentals,” “corporate housing,” “temporary apartments, “extended stays” or something else?  If you’re looking for it in Bloomington, might not matter what term you use because there are very few short term rental options available.

A new community, SummerHouse at Indiana, is looking to change that.  SummerHouse at Indiana opened in August 2014 and offers comfortable, cottage-inspired one bedroom flats, equipped and furnished like home for as short or as long as you need.  SummerHouse will offer a traditional 1 year lease, but that’s not news.  What is unique is that they have chosen select apartment to be “Flex-Term Flats”, meaning they will let you choose your term and leave whenever you want.  Of course, you’ll pay a premium for that flexibility, but compared to a hotel, you’ll be getting a fully equipped apartment that is 50% – 100% larger and 30% to 50% cheaper.

We asked the on-site team who has been choosing the flexible short term stays.  A large team of software trainers in Bloomington for 2 months, an IU medical student on a 3 month rotation, several home builders who needed a few weeks / months before their homes were ready, a coach helping out an IU athletics team in season to just name a few. 

SummerHouse is a great option for many people looking for a flexible term, but it’s not for everyone.  SummerHouse receives a good number of inquiries from IU students wanting a semester lease.  SummerHouse can absolutely help, but the rate comes out to about $54-$59 per night which is more than many IU students are wanting to pay.

What are some of the benefits that make SummerHouse a really good option if you need a short term rental (meaning a few weeks to a few months)?

  • More Home than hotel – It’s an apartment home, not a hotel room.  You get a real bedroom with closet space.  There is a full kitchen which is fully equipped.  Washer & Dryer is included as well.  A hotel is great for a day or two, maybe three, but after a week or so it wears on you.  SummerHouse is set-up as an apartment home, so it feels like home.
  • Flexibility – When you sign a lease, at least in Bloomington, there is generally no out clause and if there is it will likely cost you several months worth of rent.  When you choose one of the Flex-Term Flats at SummerHouse, you stay as long as you want. Need to leave a week early?  No problem.  Need to stay an extra two weeks?  Also, no problem.  You just don’t have that flexibility in an apartment
  • Fully Furnished & Fully Equipped – Just need to bring your clothes & electronic devices and you’re about set.  All bath and bedroom linens can be provided along with all cookware and tableware you need to cook and serve.
  • Just one Bill, Everything is Included – No transferring utilities or having to remember to pay the electric bill. At SummerHouse, all utilities are included in the rate, plus there is an Internet & DirecTV cable service provided.
  • They’re Local & they Care – Owners have worked and lived in Bloomington for 25+ years.  The on-site staff is made up largely of IU graduates and Bloomington natives. Renaissance Rentals is a reputable, local company that has been serving the community for 25+ years.  If you want a true Bloomington experience, stay with the folks that know Bloomington best.

For more information and rates, you can contact SummerHouse via phone or text at 812-332-2141 or by visiting the their website – SummerHouse at Indiana website


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