7 websites for finding Apartments in Bloomington Indiana

IMG_6015It’s that time of year to look for an apartment.  If you’re in Bloomington, IN where do you start your search?  Referrals from friends and acquaintances are always a great resource, though their needs may not always match yours.  Driving around and looking for rentals signs doesn’t seem to be a great option either.  A common technique is to go to Google and search for “Apartments in Bloomington Indiana.”  As of today, that gives you 861,000 results along with 100’s of paid ads.  Which listings services are comprehensive and easy to use,  and which landlords are reputable?  

That’s what I’m here to try and help you with.  I’ve worked for Renaissance Rentals in Bloomington for 10 years now.  I’ve focused a lot of my time on marketing and finding where the best sources for listings our properties are online.  There is a huge range of options out there and not all are created equal.  If I was in your shoes starting my apartment search online, these are the sources I would use. 

  1. Shameful Plug – Renaissance Rentals  – We do offer almost 700 different rentals across 6 different neighborhoods, ranging from luxury downtown apartments, to affordable studios, to spacious 4 bedroom town homes.  I’d say give us a try first, then try the other online listing services below.
  2. Bloomington Craigslist – This service is free for landlords to post there listings, so you can be sure there will be a lot of active and up-to-date listings.  The design of the site is not great, but it’s improved quite a bit recently. 
  3. Zillow – Known more for their home search functionality, but they’ve really stepped up their rentals presence.  This site is also free for landlords to list; more and more listings are being added everyday.  This site is much easier to navigate than Craigslist.
  4. Herald Times Rentals – Herald Times is the local newspaper and this is their online resource for finding apartment rentals in Bloomington.  The site is fairly comprehensive and fairly easy to use.  Worth giving a shot.
  5. Bloomington Rent – Not the greatest user interface, but it does have a good amount of listings.  New listings are added quite often, much like Craigslist.
  6. IDS Online Housing Guide – Not great, not bad. Wouldn’t be my first choice, definitely not my last
  7. Apartment Guide – This wouldn’t be a fair list if I didn’t include Apartment Guide.  This is a HUGE national company that does a pretty good job of getting a lot of landlords to post listings on their site (they also own sites like Rent.com, Rentals.com, LiveLovely.com and many many more).  This site is probably best suited for those looking for an apartment.  If you’re looking for a home to rent, you might try some of the other options

NOTE 1 – There are many many listing services to look for apartments & home rentals in Bloomington online.  What I’ve learned is that none are great.  So, my advice is to check out at least a couple so you’re getting a more comprehensive list of what is out there. 

NOTE 2 – Check online reviews / talk to someone that lives there – When you rent a place in Bloomington, it’s likely going to be your home for at least 12 months.  This is a big decision and shouldn’t be taken too lightly.  You can be happy going home the next 12 month or not.  Do a little homework to make sure you’re choosing a place (and landlord) that not only matches your pricing / location / amenity needs, but also has a good management/maintenance team that will be there where you need them.

Good luck with your search this year!

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