10 Must Have Household Items

Everyone has moments they wish they just had that one item and everything would be so much easier and less frustrating.  For me it’s usually a battery.  If I need a double-A, I only have a triple-A. If only I had thought ahead and/or listened to my wife, my life would be so much less frustrating.  Instead I’m forced to get out of my chair to change the TV station.

When you move into an apartment, there are a lot of items to purchase.  Many are obvious, such as toilet paper & shampoo, but often times you’re left feeling like I feel when I can’t find a battery.  Below we’re giving you a list of 10 must have items for your apartment.  If you have these, your life will be significantly better.

10. Wine / Bottle opener – The most asked question by a guest in your kitchen during a party is “Do you have a bottle opener?”  Make sure your answer to this is yes.

9. Ant traps / bug spray – Sure, you can call the landlord every time you see a bug, but it’s so much easier to have a few Terro Ant traps and a good bottle of bug killer on hand.  A little preventative action can keep your apartment relatively bug free.

8. Vacuum with Hose Attachment – I personally couldn’t live without my Shark vacuum cleanersteam mop, and shop-vac.  If you made me chose just one, I’d go with the Shark vacuum.  It’s a little expensive at about $200 retail, but it’s great for carpet and hard surfaces.  The hose attachment is really good for corners and sucking up spiders

7. Matches & Candles – They say there are only two guarantees in life, death & taxes.  I’d say there is a third and that is for the power to go out at the most inopportune time.  Instead of a night in complete darkness, with matches and a candle you’ll have a relaxing, cozy, candlelit evening.

6.Disposable Dishware – We’re talking about paper plates, plastic cutlery, and Red Solo cups (click to hear Toby Keith’s song). Believe me there will be days when you don’t feel like doing dishes (say when 10 of your closest friends come over for pizza & beer).

5. Batteries & Light Bulbs –  Here’s your base battery and light bulb stock to have on hand – Double-A, Triple-A, and 9V batteries (9v are for smoke alarms).  Regular 60w bulbs & ceiling fan bulbs (CFL style if you want to save energy).  When that smoke alarm starts chirping at 3:00AM, you’ll be glad you had a spare 9v.

4. Cleaning supplies – Sure, this is obvious, right? But what supplies do you actually need? If you have these items, you’re pretty much set:  rubber gloves, rags (old t-shirts work), multi-surface windex, magic eraser, soft scrub, clorox wipes, bathroom cleaner & toilet brush.

3. Medical supplies – You will inevitably cut your finger while slicing something in the kitchen. If you like to cook and you’re also clumsy like me, this might be a weekly thing for you. At least get these items: band aids (assorted sizes), Neosporin, gauze, ice pack & pain reliever (like Aspirin).

2. Tools – A butter knife can only do so much when it comes to household repairs and putting stuff together.  There are little tool sets you can buy that are relatively cheap.  If you want to get the bare minimum, then get these: screw driver (flat and phillips), pliers, hammer with claw & packing or duct tape.

1. Plunger – If you take away anything from this article, please buy a good plunger (Dollar store plunger will not do).  You may not want to talk about it or even think about it, but someone will clog your toilet.  Is this something you really want the maintenance team to do for you? Click here for a funny video describing how to plunge a toilet.

You are now ready for stress free apartment living!  Comment below with your must have household items.

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